Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Helen Jutkevicz - November 10, 1982

Transport to Bremen

What was that transport like?

The same. It was in ??? and they not give you to eat, they don't let you go to make and uh, I don't know how long I went there--for a day or two days--I don't know I not get--til we came to--I didn't know this was Bremen, you know? And uh, when they keep us in a camp and the first time we work in Bremen we cleaned the streets. When the bombs and the houses fall down everything so the transport not can go so we have to go through and we clean up the streets, you know? The first eh, couple months--yes first couple months we had special cars--big cars what they came for us and they put us on this place that we have to work. But the last ??? is no more was ??? for them and we have to walk and then one day the bomb in this--bomb our place where we were sleeping. It was burning a couple girls what they was sick and not can go to work and then we have a place in a small town--I did not remember this place but this was the name, it was very hard, you know? We have to stand up at three or four o'clock in the morning and to went to the train and then the train took us to Bremen to work. This was a very hard thing in the wintertime you not have shoes, we not have clothes, you know, sometimes they give you the wooden shoes and when you go onto snow with the wooden shoes then you know, the snow--is was, is was bad.

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