Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Helen Jutkevicz - November 10, 1982

Work in the Ghetto II

Mm-hm, mm-hm. Um, what about the rest of the members of your immediate family?

They was working, yeah.

Your mother?

My mother--it was in the re-sorter but I don't do it her work. She was in the re-sort.

She was there but they didn't make her work.

Yeah ??? was the same. People were not working, they have to go. When you been in the ghetto you have to work and, you know, she was so over my father passed away, my brother passed away, she was so disgusted and we was influenced in the resort because you know? So they took in him and she was not working, she was in the re-sorter.

About how long did you work there?

--Til we go out.

Did you keep that same job?


And all the remaining members of your family worked there?


With regard to the ghetto community, do you recall any specific German administrators, um...

Yes, this was became in, you know, they want to see how you work or how your work became and they look around.

Do you recall any specific names?

No, I not remember. I know the names, you know? One, he came a couple time and he know me I was the first and start the straw on my machine, you know. I was the first one but they know me. When they came in the say something and I not know the name of ???.

While you were continuing to work in that factory, did you stay in the same housing?


You didn't have to move around then.

Then I have to move around like the, the first time that we have to move I told you my cousins came from this--then we moved in another place--we have a very nice house and then we have to go--like this place they took work for the straws something, you know? We have to have this place where we was moving and they gave us another place.

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