Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Helen Jutkevicz - November 10, 1982

Life After the War


My brother was the first time from '45--from '43 from the beginning --til he is dead in '58.

When he rec...he recovered in that hospital or he never, never fully did?

Never did, no.

And he went to Heidelberg...

To Heidelberg.

...to a hospital there.

Oh, you not know? This is the biggest hospital--tuberculosis hospital the whole world.

And that's where he, he died.

He died.

What did you and your sister decided to do at that point?

With what? He left because he wanted to be buried in München so they took him to München.

And what decisions did you and your sister make about where you were going to go? Did you want to go home?

No, my sister was married and she at this time she lived in Stuttgart and I was living in Feldafing. We was married at this time.

You were marr...you had married?


Now, let's, let's backtrack a little bit. After you had had your reunion with your brother...


...you remained in Feldafing.

Yeah and I met my husband at Feldafing and in '48 I married.

What made you decide to come...

No, '46 I were married.

What made you come to the United States?

I--from friend of him we went to Paris and my husband has a family in Paris and he told us to come. And I don't want to stay, I was not happy in Paris. And my sister came to the United States here and she was living here and then she try and bring us here through JOINT.

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