Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Helen Jutkevicz - November 10, 1982

Transport to Auschwitz II

Okay, now you tell me that you were transported with other members of your family. I know that you said you went to Auschwitz but at that time, since you had remained in Łódź for, for a considerable length of time, did you or anybody else have any idea where you were going?

No, no, nobody know.

Can you describe the circumstances of your transport?

We were in the ??? you know what this is a ???. A ??? means well, the cattles--in a cattle car. They put the people in and they close you and nothing more. And you not know when you came, you not know where you are and I was feelings what--smell something like it burns or what, it was a terrible smell. And we not know that this is something happened. Then we go down and people was--womans what they have children they took right away the children. You know, they start to scream, they start to--and we went with my mother we took her and we see that we hold her so fast and he took away my mother and I was just with my sister.

And where was your brother at that time?

My brother--the two brothers was--he was bigger, he was bigger my brother and the smaller one and they took away the smaller brother and he too--and he, he separated brothers too. He was special, you know, like see you together, well, he separate you.

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