Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Mrs. Roemerfeld - 1982?


An interview with Mrs. Roemerfeld, a Holocaust survivor, conducted by Eva Lipton. Mrs. Roemerfeld was born in P?o?sk, Poland. Following the Nazi invasion in 1939, Mrs. Roemerfeld, along with her parents and older brother, were placed in a make-shift ghetto in the city. During that period, her father was shipped to Auschwitz-Birkenau and in December 1942, she, along with her remaining family, were shipped there as well. After arrival, Mrs. Roemerfeld was placed in the Kanada Kommando sorting clothes. She was then transferred to Budy, a sub-camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau. After the liquidation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp system, Mrs. Roemerfeld was sent to Maehrisch-Weisswasser, a sub-camp of Gross-Rosen. Mrs. Roemerfeld was fifty-five years of age at the time of her undated interview.

  1. Introduction
  2. Education
  3. Economic Life
  4. Family's Political Affiliations
  5. Outbreak of War
  6. Jewish Community in Płońsk
  7. Outbreak of War II
  8. Conditions in Ghetto
  9. Conditions in Ghetto II
  10. Round-Ups
  11. Judenrat in Płońsk
  12. Conditions in Ghetto III
  13. Jewish Police
  14. Yellow Star
  15. Obtaining Food
  16. Social Status of Family
  17. Religion in Ghetto
  18. Food in Ghetto
  19. Knowledge of Other Ghettos
  20. Transports
  21. Beatings
  22. Conditions in Ghetto IV
  23. Relations with Polish Workers
  24. Conditions in Ghetto V
  25. Liquidation of Ghetto
  26. Transport to Auschwitz
  27. Conditions in Cattle Car
  28. Selection
  29. Budy
  30. Conditions in Budy
  31. Prostitutes
  32. Camp Conditions
  33. Punishment in Budy
  34. Arrival at Budy
  35. Appell
  36. Appell II
  37. Kanada
  38. Resistance
  39. Kanada II
  40. Kapos
  41. Camp Language
  42. Work in Kitchen
  43. Religious Practices in Camps
  44. Telefunken
  45. The Sonderkommando
  46. German Camp Personnel
  47. Relations Between Prisoners
  48. Theft
  49. Suicides
  50. The Sudetenland
  51. Maehrisch-Weisswasser
  52. Conditions in Maehrisch-Weisswasser
  53. Conditions in Maehrisch-Weisswasser II
  54. Telefunken II
  55. Telefunken III

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