Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Mrs. Roemerfeld - 1982?

Conditions in Ghetto II

There were Jews that lived outside of the ghetto.

Well, like, before the ghetto started they lived you know, spread all over town. But mainly they were in one segregated area. But yet they were not in the vicinity where the ghetto was formed. So they had to eliminate their furniture and everything else.

Did you live and remain in the same home before the war and during the ghetto...


...at the time?

...no. A few months before we went to Auschwitz, we moved into a small room in the ghetto.

In other words you lived outside of the ghetto before then.

Yes, it was like across the street. And that was you know, taken away and put the Jews all in one pile. So we lived in one room.

In one area, you mean.




Was there a wall built around...

Oh yes.

the ghetto?

Oh yes, oh yes. Not a brick wall, but it was a high fence. And there was a policeman standing, naturally a Jewish policeman. So if something--if somebody would run out, the Jewish policeman would get shot for it. They had to have a scapegoat.

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