Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Mrs. Roemerfeld - 1982?

Conditions in Ghetto III

What about the area that you lived in? What, do you remember the name of the street in the ghetto?

Yes, ???.

That was...

That's the street...

the name of the street in the ghetto.

Yes--no, no, no, no. That was before the war. The ghetto didn't have no streets. It was just like, you know, intersections cut off. And in the middle there was a big field. That's where they segregated Jews. You know, uh, if they wanted to call them out and count them, they put them there. And you know, before we went to Auschwitz they counted how many heads there are to go on the train. And I remember uh, this date I can never forget because every year after year, I just somehow can't sleep. It just the last two years that I was able to cope with it, but previously--you can ask my daughter, she's here uh, I had difficulties making it through, you know. Uh, because that time of the year...


Yes, that time of the year around December 15, it's--the memories were haunting me and uh, it just too hard really to uh, bring out every detail.

Was there any resistance at all in the ghetto?

No, not that I can recall, no.

And what types of jobs did the Judenrat have...

Well, uh...

during the war?

Judenrat's function was only uh, to maintain order in the ghetto.

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