Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Mrs. Roemerfeld - 1982?


Uh, then you were sold to Telefunken...


Corporation. How did you get transported to...


Did you know where you were going?

Uh, no, we did not. We just knew we were sold. And we uh, moving out of that. We didn't even know at the time that actually Auschwitz is being liquidated as a whole. We just felt that, you know, uh, from what we heard, like, if I heard a word from the Gestapo from what, what I cooked for. They said that uh, our Kommando's liquidating because evidently they must have stopped burning Jews in Auschwitz. They wanted to cover up everything, so they didn't have no need for us because uh, the transports weren't coming in as rapidly or maybe none at all, by the end of '41 uh, I mean uh, by the end of '44, so uh, the uh, didn't have no need for us. So they, they liquidated our whole Kommando. But whether the whole Auschwitz was at that time liquidated, I--we had no knowledge of.

Did the sol...did these German soldiers, these uh, SS that you cooked for, did they ever give you special food or special clothing?

Only leftovers. Leftovers, yes.

You were allowed to consume them.

Leftovers. So I took out--I, I remember like now it was like in a big pot. I took it out and I gave it to the men in the Sonderkommando. They came uh, over to pick up the clothes to carry out from the camps.


Yes uh, we had our own gas chamber in the Kanada. So they came in to carry that out so I used to carry out and I've seen some men from my hometown so I used to take it over. I put it down. I wasn't allowed to give, just put it down and they knew. So they ran, a bunch of them ran up and they grabbed some, a few spoons of that food.

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