Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Mrs. Roemerfeld - 1982?


Do you recall uh, any uh, resistance in the camp?

No. Only from what I heard that uh, from the girls, they were talking about what they heard from the men. They were walking by and they heard that one woman came from Warsaw ghetto into the gas chamber and uh, she uh, uh, refused to uh, do what the Germans told her to do. And uh, she uh, uh, they uh, beated her and she said "No, I'm not going to get undressed." And uh, she pulled out a knife -- she had long hair, she had a knife between her hair and she cut up a couple of Germans. It was like sort of an uprising of one person. Also, some rumors were going around that some people tried to escape, but did not make it.

Did you ever hear about--while you were at Birkenau--did you ever hear about uh, the successful escapes of any of the people from Auschwitz...


...or Birkenau?

...no, I did not.

What--do you know what happened to um, the people that were found trying to escape? Did you ever see any of that?

No, I did not.

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