Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Mrs. Roemerfeld - 1982?

The Sudetenland

You were sent to the Sudetenland. How did you arrive there? How...

By train.

By train.


In the cattle cars?

Uh, yes.

Under the same conditions which you arrived to Auschwitz ???.

Yeah, but it did not take so long. I don't re...I don't remember, you know, taking it so long as when I was coming from home. And uh, when we came there we also were put in barracks.

This was in 1944.

Yes, beginning 1945. Must have been December '44. And uh, like, like I say, we can't, I can't give you dates because I don't, I didn't know the dates.

You never heard anything about the war effort or anything during the time you were in the camp.

No, but in Sudetenland...

You did.

...uh, we did hear because we were near uh, the French border, not too far. And uh, we were on--in--a lot of Czech people around who, farmers who walked by. It wasn't like Auschwitz. It was one camp and it was a small camp indeed. Uh, it was um, uh, they had a gas chamber and uh, I forgot the name... Uh, there was a gas chamber in lower part of Czechoslovakia, but I cannot recall the name of it. And uh, that's where they took the people into the gas chamber, but I can't remember. Maybe it will come to me later. But uh, when we arrive there they gave us the barracks and again uh, stabilized a committee of Kapos. And, uh...

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