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Hannah Fisk - January 24, 1983


Hannah Fisk was born on June 5, 1924 in Częstochowa, Poland where she lived with her father and stepmother. In July 1939, Hannah traveled to Oświęcim to attend her sisters wedding. Afterwards, she stayed the rest of the summer in nearby Chorzów with her other sister. In September, Hannah was supposed to leave for home but the German invasion forced her to stay in Chorzów. Chorzów was made Judenrein and Hannah and her sister were sent to the Sosnowiec ghetto. From there, she was sent to Gabersdorf, a female labor camp, where she stayed for the duration of the war. After the camp was liberated by the Russian Army, Hannah was moved to Waldenburg where she met her future husband. The pair settled in Stoffen, Germany and had their first son before moving to the United States to be with her two surviving brothers.

  1. Introduction
  2. Family Life
  3. Life Before the War
  4. Religious Life
  5. Anti-Semitism
  6. Life Before the War II
  7. Yiddish Theater
  8. Death of Father
  9. Being Taken to Gabersdorf
  10. Befriending an SS Officer
  11. Stealing Potatoes in Camp
  12. SS Officer Offers an Escape
  13. Life in Gabersdorf
  14. Life in Gabersdorf II
  15. Life in Gabersdorf III
  16. Living Conditions in Gabersdorf IV
  17. Learning of Family's Fate
  18. Conditions During Transport
  19. Relationship With Lagerführer
  20. Punishments and Resistance in Camp
  21. Receiving Extra Rations at Factory
  22. Liberation from Gabersdorf
  23. Life After Liberation
  24. Finding Two Brothers
  25. Life in Stoffen
  26. Life Living With Germans
  27. Confronting Ex-SS Officer
  28. Applying to Move to the United States
  29. Life in the United States
  30. Pride in Being Jewish
  31. Anti-Semitism in Detroit
  32. Anti-Semitism in Detroit II
  33. Finding Niece
  34. Finding Niece II
  35. Health
  36. Visiting Brothers in New York
  37. Being Reminded of War Experiences
  38. Relationship with the Poles
  39. Wishes for the Future
  40. Views on Faith
  41. Thoughts on the Holocaust
  42. Sharing Story
  43. Conclusion

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