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Hannah Fisk - January 24, 1983

Life Before the War

Okay. Can you uh, tell me about the town itself?

Husband: ??? I'll show you here.


[interruption in interview]

...when I was living in Częstochowa was the most nicest town. The most cleanest town. We had like uh, uh beautiful uh, streets, you know, and that was the largest church in whole Poland calls the Black Madonna. And from March 'til November, they coming to worship, you know? They coming like pilgrimage. Was beautiful. Was really the nicest, cleanest city in Poland. As in every child--we were having fun, I had a lots of friends. I belonged to organizations when I was about twelve years old.

What organizations did you belong to?

Zionist. I was always a Zionist. I always was proud of my heritage and I never deny it. Even in concentration camp, as bad as I had, I always spoke up. Later on, when you interview me, I'm going to tell you an incident.

Okay. What Zionist groups did you belong to? What are the names?

Called it Gordonia. You know, it's--got together, we had a lot of fun. We're--I didn't know nothing, no politics or stuff like that. But, we're singing, Saturday we come together, we were playing racquetball and handball and uh, we have quite a bit of fun until the '39.

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