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Hannah Fisk - January 24, 1983

Life in Stoffen

Mm-hm. Did you go back to your home?

In Częstochowa?


Yeah, I went there.

To the, to the house?

I didn't nothing. Nothing.

Was there anybody else living in your house, or...

Some old Polish woman that I don't even know. I went all over. I was in Auschwitz, too, with him. When it says, "Arbeit Macht Frei." I went there. There was, there was not a city in Poland I wasn't at. From, from one corner to the other. Because you see, after the war, we didn't have to pay nothing. All you have to have is a little thing that you're going to look for your family, that you're looking for people, and then everything is free to you. Buses, trains, everything. There were no planes. We were going day and night. I was already tired. I was so tired out from that business. And I went back to Germany and I finally settled down. We got married. And I was there from, what--about eight months and then we went to the American Zone. There I was living in a village. Allan was born. Was there for five years--'45 to '49. Four years.

And what was the name of it?

In the village?


Stoffen, by Landsberg--not far from Landsberg. It was about six kilometers. Used to take a bike and peddle every second day to my brothers. They were living in the barracks. I didn't want to live in the barracks. I had enough. And I came back and there was no place in the city so I went out to the American Embassy. And I said to him, I says, "I'm certainly not going to live in that barracks, I got enough idea of barracks." He says, "Mrs. Fishlinski, there's nothing I can do." He says, "There is no place in the, in the--you want to go in a village?" I says, "I don't care where I go but don't, don't send me in the barracks." So I went to the village. They were real nice, you know, after the camp. They were real nice. They--he was playing football, I was playing handball with the girls. You know. But, they were furious--the kids, the poor kids.

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