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Hannah Fisk - January 24, 1983

Wishes for the Future

Well, is there anything else you'd like to say about your experiences? Any other...

Thank God, I'm fortunate, I've got three nice children, good children. They're with me constantly. I have my daughter, God bless her, she's, she's a jewel. She--when she don't work a day, she's with mommy. Calls me in the morning, comes over, we shop, we go every place together. It's like girlfriends, not like a mother, you know.

Yeah, yeah.

My Al...my older boy's, he's too good, too. He calls me, my daughter-in-law, "Mommy, we love you, we love you." He wants to come back. Wants to make some money, come here and start--he was working for the Free Press, so they told him that they want to give him back the job, anytime, he can come back and have the Free Press back. And my ???, he was here yesterday. And like I say, I'm fortune is from God. Thank God, I have a good husband, good kids. That's the most important, and my family. Two brother. We see them often, you know, I was there--Pesach from going there.

What do you wish for your children, for your grandchildren?

Not to go through that experience what we went through, that's for one thing. That they should have a peaceful life. I don't care if he has to struggle, everybody has to struggle. You know, life is not a bowl of cherries. You know? I came to this country, we were struggling terribly. I was sleeping three months on the floor, and I didn't want a penny from nobody. Whatever we had, it's all to our twenty fingers. And I'm proud of it, believe me. I never ask nobody for a penny. It's a matter of fact, when I can help, I help. It's comes at Easter or comes uh, New Years or comes something, I'm involved with organizations. I always call for people to help them, you know. I like--that's my pride and joy to me. I feel good when I can help somebody. 'Cause I know how I was when I came here and the Jewish Vocation helped me bring to United States. I was however grateful. The only thing I like to, that we should live in peace.

Yeah, yeah.

In America, there are so many nations from all over the Europe, from all over the--and we can get along. We get along pretty good, just, if one wouldn't stare the other. You know, it would be nothing. One starts talking about and staring, you know, and telling them, them this and this is how the Jews are. Naturally, we are the minority, we're in the middle. I told this in Wayne University, too. When things are good, then you're my friend. When things are bad, then you turn against me. You see?


I hope I express myself well.

You did very well.

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