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Hannah Fisk - January 24, 1983


How do you feel about the way the American Jews responded during World War Two?

Well, I'll be honest with you, I don't feel good. Not at all. Because you American people should have gone twice a week to Washington, D.C. to put up petitions. And say, "They burning our sisters and brothers. Let's burn some German here and let's see how it feels." And maybe they would stop it. Maybe the German in, in Europe would think twice what they're doing, and they would stop it somehow. But I am sorry to say, the American people here didn't have time for this because they were too busy making money. And to all due respect to the American, I love him, they brought me to this country and I love this country and I wouldn't change for anyone. But I have to say the truth. I don't feel good about it at all. No, not at all. 'Cause they could do a little bit something about it, you know? At least maybe they could save us a few of us. But no, they were too busy and nobody knew about it. They figure, "What's the difference to me? I am in America. I have what to eat, I have what to drink. What do I care what's happen over there?" And that's the way I feel now, too, about the Polish people. I'll tell you the truth. I don't care what's happen to them. They didn't care what's happen to me. Not one Polack came to gave me a piece of bread when I was in concentration camp. No. Why should I be sorry for them? They feel sorry for me?

Husband: After all, we killed Jesus--we killed a Jew...


I'm truthful. I mean it. I'm honest now with you.


And that's what I told Mrs. Weiner--the same thing. She really made me angry. Asking me question to forget. Why should we forget? We shouldn't forget and we shouldn't forgive. Never. As long as one of us is alive, one survivor from the Nazis is alive, we should not forget and we should not forgive.

Well, thank you for...

I don't know, they going to say that I'm nasty.

No. No. Thank you.

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