Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Hannah Fisk - January 24, 1983

Finding Two Brothers

What happened to your two other brothers? The two brothers who survived, where did they spend the war?



...one was in ??? and one was in uh, Theresienstadt. He was not too far from me out in uh, Czechoslovakia. Not too far. And he was going with a march, too. If, if he knew I'm there, and God would serve, he would have come in, you know? They were both--this Irving was from 1940. They took him away uh, in August yet, to the ???. He was one of the first--Irving. Jake--Jacob was in uh, ghetto, Łódź. He didn't go--I think he went when the ghetto was uprising. That was uh, '43. That's when he went to, to ???. That was not far from Treblinka. That was a camp, too. ??? camp. Yeah, so, that's all I, I came back and I, all Europe I went. They were typhus, they were everything. I went from one place to the other and every place where I go, gave my name, where I am and that I'm living, you know. That's all I found is two brothers.

You went back to your town? Did you go back?

I went there, yeah, but there's nothing left. Not even a monument, not even a gravesite. I didn't even know where my, my brother was buried. And they were so bad. They were killing the Jews after the war. When somebody came in. He came into Sosnowiec--my, my husband, and, and, so-called a caretaker, what were close with him says to him, "Everybody's dead and you're still alive?" Mind you, after the war, that's our friends--so-called friends.

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