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Hannah Fisk - January 24, 1983

Visiting Brothers in New York

Did you have any trouble before you came to this country, getting papers to come to the United States? How did the officials treat you that were in, in Europe--the United States officials?

No, I actually didn't have no trouble. I went over to--like I told you, to Munich. And I uh, write for the papers and uh, and uh, she told me that uh, I can go to Oklahoma City. That the Jewish Oklahoma Federation wants me. I says, "I don't care as long it's America."

Yeah. Yeah.

And then I was there about three months, I took my Allan, and I went to uh, see my brothers. Three nights and three days I was on the bus.

[interruption in interview]


She wanted to help the newcomers, you know, with the speech. You know that we don't speak English, you know? She was a jewel of a lady. I remember she gave me a slip of paper and it said that, "Please help this lady with a child, she does not speak English, she's a newcomer. She wants to go visit her brothers in New York."


So, I--one bus driver gave this to the other one, you know, they used to take Allan at night and change him in the buses and stuff. Oh, he was only three years old--he was a baby. And believe it or not, eighteen bus drivers brought me into New York. Yeah? But I went, even with not knowing my English.


I got by.


When you have to, you have to.

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