Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Hannah Fisk - January 24, 1983


Do you have any physical illnesses now as a result of the...

Oh my God, do I have. Do I have. Seventeen years ago I had, uh... mastectomy. This is not my...


I develop a sugar. My husband has to give me shots because I can't...


...have uh, sugar. Diabetes. Last year the sugar got so bad, I had to have two lasers in my eyes. This one is very blurry and then now thank God, thank God, you know. Was very--I have plenty. Don't ask. On top of that I had a very high blood pressure but it's under control now.

Mm-hm. Is any of that, do you think, related to your experiences during the war?

Oh sure. Sure. Don't forget, you don't eat five years, you're undernourished, you're under, under everything. You know. That things come back, nervous all the time, you know, any little thing irritates me. I mean uh, not the same person. When you're young and your nerves are going with you--when you get older and--sure.

Did you ever have nightmares after?

Uh, the beginning? Every night. He used to shake me every night, "You're not in camp." Says, "Where I am? I have to get up. I have to get up! I have to get up! The Jewish Judenälteste going to come in, she's going to kill me. I have to get up!" He says, "No, you don't have to. You're not at camp now." That was going on for years when I was married and I was afraid to go to sleep.

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