Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Magda Beer - July 5, 1983


Magda Beer was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1915. After the Germans invaded Hungary, Magda and her family were forced to live in the Budapest ghetto, where she worked in a brick factory. After Budapest was liberated by the Russians, Magda opened up her own factory and remarried before finally moving to the United States.

  1. Introduction
  2. Life Before the War
  3. Life Before the War II
  4. Start of War
  5. Life Under German Occupation
  6. Start of Ghetto
  7. Life in the Ghetto
  8. Obtaining False Papers
  9. Life Under the Russians
  10. Working After the War
  11. Moving to the United States
  12. Moving to the United States II
  13. Life in the United States
  14. Thoughts on Survival
  15. Life After the War
  16. Life Under German Occupation II
  17. Life Under German Occupation III
  18. Conclusion

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