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Magda Beer - July 5, 1983

Life in the United States

And you've been here every since?


And your son lives here?


And do you have grandchildren?

No, I have--he married.

Woman: I am the lucky one, I have.

He married, he married--twelve years he been married. He's a good boy.

Is your husband still alive?

No, passed away ??? It will be two years ???

Woman: So you see that one thing you have to ??? You didn't know that.

No, I sure didn't.

Woman: Yeah my niece called me and said she want to come over and I said come over I have a lady who's here for you to talk to.

I don't know how happy you'll be about doing this.

Anyways, it's a bad day for me because tomorrow will be his birthday. And I was crying the whole afternoon. I'm working.

Where do you work?

The Kleins are wonderful.

So you work for Bernie and Emory?

Right, I was working five years in a factory. And uh, when Bernie...

Woman: ??? business school A:...called me ??? then I went there and I was working twenty-five years I retired already with my husband. When my husband passed away then they wanted to help me. Not uh, not because I needed the money. I needed ??? because they are wonderful ???

Woman: Thank you. I'm proud of them.

They are. I love them. They are very good.

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