Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Magda Beer - July 5, 1983


Have you, you told this story before? Do you know the story?

Woman: I know the story because when they came over in--even before they came over, more or less, we knew the situation in Hungary, it was a different system in Hungary than Czechoslovakia even the same Germans did it but they tried to protect us ??? so the Germans were, in the beginning they were stronger or what shall I say.

I like to tell you that Hungary was the last one, not Germany, of the five. You know but they were a little bit light.

Woman: Heavy, they knew they wouldn't win the war.

Hungary was the last one.

Mm-hm um, does your son know all this? Does he remember anything? He was very young.

You know what? I never told him I never told him because I want to give better life to him. I was running with him ??? you know, it was a very hard time. I never tell him. He doesn't know he just knows that my second husband was the real father, okay, because he doesn't know.

He was so young too.

My first husband was...

Woman: His real father.

Do you have anything you like to add before I turn this tape off?

Yes, I would like to say that America's wonderful and I love it. I love it here. We went once--twice visiting in Hungary.

After '57?

Yes and I don't like it. I never liked you know. I'm very, very happy to be in America. I learn everything here.

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