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Magda Beer - July 5, 1983

Moving to the United States II

Well that, you were here--what month? You arrived in '57?

We--no, we were in Austria waiting the visa.

Woman: For a year.

We were first in ??? not ??? uh , Linz, Linz ???. You know where this is? In Austria?


Linz yeah, it's a big, big camp.

Mm-hm, for--there was all Hungarians that were trying...

Not only Hungarians, Yugoslavians and all people.

And then you got your visas?

We got the visa in uh, '58, in '58, July 4th we arrived to America.

July 4th?


Good day.


Woman: I remember like today.

To Detroit? Right to Detroit?

Woman: Right to Detroit.

First New York and two days and we came by train to Detroit.

That was the first time you two met?


Woman: I met her husband in Hungary in '48 we went to visit to Budapest.

I am the second wife.


He lost, he lost his wife and child during this nice war.

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