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Magda Beer - July 5, 1983

Working After the War

Yeah and then I went back my first job and I, I have to clean everything and I was there about two, three months. I get some food from my old boss and then I open the little factory. I hire two three men who was working there and I was working there about three years alone in this factory.

What kind?

In, in this hospital, hospital bed and you know.

Was this the same factory that...

Yes the same factory I open but we were working small you know and I made only from old material because I couldn't get new and--how you call lakatos? I know it's hard to remember.

Woman: Makes locks? How do you...

Yeah, this is, this is a special...

A locksmith?

A locksmith. Yeah, okay...

Woman: Locksmith...

Okay. I was this, too. You know I try so many things in my life--usually I am an office girl you know? And, you know these beds you can put together and put something on and I made this ???, yeah, I did this, too. And after I close the little factory, my mother-in-law passed away. She had cancer. And I went to work in uh, shoe, shoe for sale, you know, in Budapest, all the factories send this whole store...

Woman: Warehouse.

And we, we delivered to the littler store. I was working there like a ???

Like a bookkeeper type of thing?

Little bit higher.


Yeah. And uh, I was working there 'til we escape.

From the--you left from the Russians?

No, no we left during the revolution.


No it's '56--we came in '57.

Woman: ???


So you worked in the shoe warehouse?


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