Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Magda Beer - July 5, 1983

Start of War

And, do you remem...do you have any clear memories of when you, you heard the war started and the Germans were invading?

Oh, yes. I remember by the store that we had a neighbor, and my father-in-law gave many, many, money to him to continue the business. He was a Gentile and he came--it was big sign on the street that the Jewish people has to wear the yellow star from this and this time. And I was reading this I was standing there and he came and he said, "No, beautiful, beautiful woman something what will you do?" And I said, "I will wear the, the star. I'm Jewish." I have a picture--I couldn't find but I will--I was sitting with my little son in a park and I have the uh, yellow star on my coat.

You have a picture of that?

I will find maybe.

Oh, I would like to get a copy of that.

I will find maybe.

To have a copy made for the museum.

Yeah, okay.

Make a note here. I'll call you about it later.

Okay I will, I will find, I hope so.

So you--this was in '40?

This was in '44 March, I think so, when the, the Germans came to Budapest.

Did that--did you have to wear the star before that?

No. We started to wear--I think so it was summer that's when we--it was in May or June or July, I am not so sure because I still had the dress after the war and where the star was, you know, it was a different color.

Woman: Patch.

So this was in spring or summer of '44?


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