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Magda Beer - July 5, 1983

Life Under the Russians

So, then--okay, January 15th, the Russians came and then what happened? I mean, what did you do with your son, where did you go?

Okay, from the ghetto--from my mother-in-law's house, I went home with my mother and son and a Gentile lady was living in our house and she was very nice. And she gave back all of my clothing and everything. And we started a new life.

Was this--I don't know if I'm...

This was in, in '45 January, February.

This was, this was the house--your husband's parents house or your original?

No, no, no my mother's house.

So, your fir...where you grew up?

Yes, I grew up in other house but this is where I went married, my mother's uh, apartment.

What happened to your husband's house--family's house and your mother in law?

Oh my mother-in-law stayed in the same house and a lady moved in and she take care of her.

So okay, so now you went back?

I went back my mother's house and I started to change my jewelry for gold.

Woman: Exchange.

The black market?

Yeah. And I take out my nice furniture and put on the street. I made some, some...

Woman: Cut it out.

...you know, to make some warm...

This was winter so...

Yes, it was good it was winter, because many, many uh, uh, that paper was on the street, if it was summer time then...

Diseases and...



It's so hard to remember believe me, it's so bad.

Now, the Russians were occupying. Did they stay, how long did they stay?

First of all they opened every uh, store and give away whatever they find. Even wine, everything.

Woman: They were drunk.

Yeah and uh, about two, three months later, you know, it was everything all right and we get some food, but we have to stay on long line for potato, for two, three pieces of cake. And we can buy this time some frozen uh, meat or fish, but, you know, you bought these and when you went home it was bad because when you brought back it was frozen

Woman: It was frozen ice.

Mm-hm, mm-hm.

Woman: Breath marks.

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