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Magda Beer - July 5, 1983

Life Under German Occupation III

No, no, I--they were in the basement there already or did you go with them?

No, no they wasn't...

They weren't... A:...in the basement when I escaped.

Woman: They were in their own apartment.

They were in your mother's apartment?

Yes, yes, my son and my mother.

Woman: Her mother was about 65 years old, no?

Uh, my mother? I don't know...

Woman: Approximate.

Yeah, about.

This was the apartment you went back to in February after the war?

Yes, yes my mother's apartment.

And then from there you had to go--did you know you had to go to the ghetto or did you want to find your mother-in-law? What--how did you go from your mother's apartment?

Okay now, I was in, in the, the factory, okay and all my friends and the girls they were taken to, to Buchenwald, okay?


I had the little carriage and I went to the ghetto with the old people, the old people and I went--I was old too because I had a babushka and, and the man told me that put the child on the Red Cross car and you will go with the others. I say to myself I don't give away my son to no one. Anyways, I take the uh, uh, the carriage and I went to the other group where the, the old people was waiting to taking them to the ghetto.

With your mother?

Yes, and when I went to the ghetto the first ??? your mother on this and this street and I went there my mother was so happy that I find her. Because my mother's apartment was in ghetto. They already take away all the people. And after I heard that my mother-in-law's apartment was the ghetto. You know it was exactly the corner. And then we were there and it was one room for us--for the family, you know, there was over twenty people.

Mm-hm, and then you went down in the basement?

Yes, yes.

When the shelling started?


That's why you went down in the basement?

Yes, yes.

I understand.

Maybe a little bit mixed up, you know, just ask me.

Well I think I've got it straight now.

[interruption in interview]

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