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Magda Beer - July 5, 1983

Thoughts on Survival

Do you have any thoughts about why you made it through all this, survived?

Well I was very strong. I wanted to live, I wanted. You know, I was ten years alone. I lost a first husband, my son was a small little child, I always working and, you know, I was very, very strong--stronger like a man. And I am still stronger. Sometimes I'm crying. What can I do?

It has to be.

Yeah, I had a wonderful thirty years with my husband and now I am alone again.

And your mother passed away here?

Yes, yes.

How--when was that?

It was uh, sixteen years ago.

Woman: On my birthday.

Yes, on August 23rd.

Sixty-seven, 1967?


Woman: Sixty-five.

No, sixty-five then it's more. Eighteen...

Eighteen years ago.

...eighteen years ago. When we, we left Hungary--no, we left uh, uh, Austria, then in the American consulate uh, the lady comes and ask me that uh, I'm happy that I'm going to America and I started to cry that my mother is here and she didn't get the visa yet, and she said, "If you go to America with your husband and your son, I guarantee a month later your mother will be there." You know, I talk a little English this time and I was lucky that I, I, I can tell her. And really a month later my mother was here. ??? sent the affidavit for my mother, ??? Klein. And my mother has a very happy two years, about two years.

Woman: ???

And we were in Indiana and ???

Woman: You were in ??? when she passed away?

Yeah but only a year ???? yeah. She had a good time. She loved America. She wanted to escape from Hungary. She was the first one who wanted to go away, you know. I think so I told you everything. It's so hard to remember. You want to ask me anything?

Trying to go back over this to make sure I have...

Everybody has a, a life story or his life story like another, believe me.

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