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Samuel Biegun - February 15, 1983


Samuel Biegun was born on December 25, 1932 in Pinsk, Poland. When the war began, Russian forces occupied Pinsk and put Samuel and his family under house arrest. The family was then taken to live in a village called Airtau for the duration of the war. After the war they returned to Poland for a short time before moving to DP camps in Germany and eventually to Israel. From there, Samuel and his wife moved to Canada and finally, the United States.

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  1. Introduction
  2. Life Before the War
  3. Experiencing Anti-Semitism
  4. Being Transported to Siberia
  5. Life Under Russian Occupation
  6. Conditions During Transport
  7. Arriving in Siberia
  8. Life in Siberia
  9. Hearing News of the War
  10. Life in Siberia II
  11. Life in Siberia III
  12. Returning to Poland
  13. Life After the War
  14. Reuniting with Father
  15. Attempting to Move to Israel
  16. Pinsk After the War
  17. Smuggling to Israel
  18. Life in DP Camps
  19. Life in DP Camps II
  20. Moving to Israel
  21. Life in Israel
  22. Moving to the United States
  23. Finding Survivors
  24. Life on Kolkhoz
  25. Surviving Winter in Siberia
  26. Being Arrested
  27. Jews in Siberia
  28. History of Pinsk
  29. Conclusion

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