Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Samuel Biegun - February 13, 1983

Pinsk After the War

You say your father went back to Pinsk, yes?

When--yeah, he--when the train--on the, on the way back he stopped there.

What did he find there?

Uh, he find a few that survived, a few uh, people, very few. But he couldn't recognize the uh, he was born there, you know, in, in--he built the house himself. I mean, you know, he had his father's parent's house, so he built a second floor all by himself. But he, he was--everything burned down to the ground. He couldn't recognize nothing.

Was there other people there looking also? Other Jews?

Not from ???. Uh, the people that survived the--was hiding from the partisans and just a few left, few--then they came back. There's a few just that came from other towns probably.

You heard no news about the rest of your family then. You didn't...

Well, it, the only news it's what they--when we passed by there were a few people from the village, in the village, you know, Gentiles. They told us what happened--the whole story. But uh, I had one cousin that--from seven children he survived because he went, before the war he went to a school to ??? school and he's still in Russia. He's the only survivor.

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