Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Samuel Biegun - February 13, 1983

Life in Israel

You lived in a tent the first year?


Did your family have one tent?

Yes. My brother and sister were on a kibbutz, so it was me and my parents.

Must have been a very hard life back then.

Very hard life. Well, it wasn't too bad.

Where did you buy your family--where did your family buy their first house?

In ???. That's near where we worked, you know, not too far.

And you continued to work with your father?

Yes, until I got uh, went to the service.

Which was when?

It was in uh, 1950 before--within a year, you know, so I uh, volunteered to go to the army--served two years. I came out and had to go uh, in reserves every three months, once a year.

Were you in the Sinai campaign?


Did you go into the uh, the actual front?

Yeah, I was near the front. Went too fast, you know. We had to cut up the Gaza Strip.

So how long did you live in Israel?

Ten years. Forty-nine to '59.

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