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Samuel Biegun - February 13, 1983

Life in DP Camps II

All right, then you, then you had to leave Germany, I mean, you had to leave Berlin.


Then you went to Frankfurt.


Also a DP camp?


How long were you there?

'Til uh, '49.

Was it a large camp?

It was two camps uh, it was two camps. Well, it was a fair size--a few thousand people.

Mostly Jews?

Mostly Jews.

The conditions?

Were very good. We had uh, in Berlin we had the barracks, you know, like--but there we had houses, so it was better conditions.

And you were there for how long?

A year to a year and a half. And uh, from there we went to, to France, to uh, Marseilles. Then they took the boat and ??? to Israel, so we, you know, came illegally.

All right, for the year and a half that you were in Frankfurt, again, were you back in school?

Uh, I was going to a, a carpenter school. And I couldn't finish it either, you know, so I had some knowledge, you know, I took some...

What was your father doing during this time?

Well, he was like working--he had a police station, you know, like guard--was a police station there and he uh, he was teaching carpenter too, in the same school, part time.

And your uh, brother and sister?

The brother, he was uh, he was like a camp leader from children and he took up elec...he was an electrician.

And your sister?

She went to school--in the school.

So you were there for a year.

Year, year and a half.

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