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Samuel Biegun - February 13, 1983


Wife: There has to be a year. In 1919. In Pinsk in April 1919 ??? yeah, 1919. April the 5th, 1919. Right here, this is April the 5th 1919.

It happened on a Saturday 1919. The Polish army occupied Pinsk and they started with, you know, when they occupied it started with murder of uh, the Jewish population. They called it Black Sabbath.

Wife: Oh, I didn't know that.


Wife: Yeah, but in Yiddish it's ??? like Shabbos, like Saturday. Thirty-five people, one was seventeen-years-old.


Wife: You see, this is ??? you know, ???. Look how young the people were--there are seventeen ???...

Uh, my mother told me one of her brothers escaped. He was, he was between the crowd but he escaped and jumped the fence.

Wife: One fourteen and one sixteen--Daniel--well, there's two brothers here. For... sixteen and seven...fourteen is brothers. Two brothers, sixteen and fourteen.

The oldest was 52, ???.

Wife: Look, look at that, this one's seventeen. Avram Bolkosky. ???

Bolkosky, hmm?

Wife: Yeah.


Wife: ??? brother.


Wife: Well this is the ???


Wife: Time to turn off--he has to go to work, Sam. You're not working since he did this here for you. He has to go to work tomorrow.

I'll speak...

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