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Samuel Biegun - February 13, 1983


The following interview with Sam Biegun was held on February 15, 1983 at his home at Oak Park, Michigan. The interviewer is Arthur Kirsch.

All right, Mr. Biegun, would you spell your name please?


And your first name.


And where were you born?

I was born in Pinsk, which was Poland, now it's Russia.

Uh, when--what was the date on that? Your birthday.

Birthday. Uh, December 8, 19...December 25, 1932.

Um, what was your father's occupation?

He was a cabinet maker--carpenter.

Did he have his own business?

Uh, no, he worked for somebody. He worked in a shop.

And how big was your family?

Uh, there were three children. Father, mother, and the, the father's father stayed with us and the mother's mother.

And you had how many brothers and sisters?

One brother and one sister.

You were the youngest?


And what were their names?

Uh, the brother was Eli and the sister's Leah.

Do you remember your, do you remember your parents...


...very well? What do you remember about your mother?

Wife: His mother was alive. She just, she just passed away.

Ah, I didn't know.

I had my parents, yeah.

Wife: He had his parents.

We were, we were deported in, uh...


Wife: He had his parents.


See, this a different case.

Okay, this is, this is what we'll find out. Okay.

Wife: Could I say something?


Wife: His parents died natural death in Israel...

Ah, okay.

Wife: ...not in a camp.

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