Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Samuel Biegun - February 13, 1983

Experiencing Anti-Semitism

All right. When you were, when you were in Poland before the war, do you remember any kind of uh, any incidences of anti-Semitism?

Yes, there were always uh, always incidents. But in my street--like in my block there were only two, three uh, Gentile--non-Jewish families, so we didn't--it's like in a ghetto, you know.

Do you recall any personal incidences of anti-Semitism?

Personal, no.

How did you know that there were?

Because uh, I remember when we used to walk over in the non...you know, outside our street, you know, so there were...

Wife: Incidents.

Yeah, so there were incidents.

To you?

Yes, everybody that passed by, yeah. There were some--not that much, but there were incidents.

Like how? Could you tell me for instance?

Like calling names, you know, like a Jew, and uh, and uh, they didn't like us too much.

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