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Kurt Stern - February 11, 2008


Kurt Stern was born in Chodov, Czechoslovakia. After his father's death in 1935, Kurt and his mother moved in with his grandfather and aunt. When the German's entered the Sudetenland they moved to Beroun with his uncle. Kurt's mother signed him up for the Winton Kindertransport and Kurt left for England with his cousin Ruth. Kurt and Ruth were fostered with an English family in East Anglia. Following the end of the war, Kurt apprenticed to be a pastry chef under his uncle in London before volunteering for the Israeli army. Kurt and his family still live in Israel today.

  1. Introduction
  2. Life Before the War
  3. Politics Before the War
  4. Fate of Family
  5. Fate of Mother
  6. Being Sent to England
  7. Traveling on the Kindertransport
  8. Traveling to Meet Foster Family
  9. Life with Foster Family I
  10. Thoughts on Winton
  11. Life in England
  12. Life with Foster Family II
  13. Thoughts on Being Sent Away
  14. Sharing Story
  15. Going to Israel
  16. Life in Israel
  17. Moving Back to England
  18. Changing Careers
  19. Thoughts on Winton and Barazetti
  20. How Experiences Shaped Life
  21. Thoughts on the Holocaust in the Media
  22. Conclusion

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