Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Kurt Stern - February 11, 2008

Traveling on the Kindertransport

What do you remember about the train?

The train? Not very much. I remember that it took uh, two days I think it was. I remember that we got to the coast of Holland--the Hook of Holland. Some--we were received there by some organization and I remember we were on the beach and they gave us sandwiches and it was windy and all the sand got in the sandwiches. The train ride itself, I think it just took two days 'til we got to England...

And then to Harwich...

Harwich and then Liverpool Street. I don't--well, I do remem...I don't remember very much except that they gave us tea--English tea, which is the first time I had strong tea with milk in it and I kept on putting sugar and it still didn't get sweet, it was too strong, and a banana. That I know we received. Who--I don't--today--I mean, I didn't remember, today I know what happened but it's because of the meeting in England.

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