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Kurt Stern - February 11, 2008

How Experiences Shaped Life

But how as a child do you think it affected you to be separated from your mother apart from the adventure experience?

I don't know. I don't know. I mean, uh, yes it certainly affected me. I'm uh, I said I was closed up, I don't make friends easily. Um, I'm quite independent. I mean, from the age of uh, although the ??? were there I mean uh, self reliant I would say for sure. I probably wouldn't be like that, I mean uh, yes probably because you're on your own uh, you rely on yourself.

And, and do you think about the war or even life before the war...

Well, I feel--I just--I very often wonder what would've happened if but there's no answer that question. There's no answer to it.

You seem to be at this point in favor of educating people about the Holocaust.

Oh, yes I certainly--I mean this--because of the film I think um, I, I think it should be shown in every school in the world, not only Europe or whatever. I mean it's, it's um, this story of Winton is educational. He hisse...he himself says so--not only about talking about doing something but doing it, doing it. I mean this is in my profession as a tourist guide because I speak German I had--I have had many pilgrimage groups and I get asked all kinds of questions and I says, "Well, it's not so much talking about but it doing something about it."

You mean German pilgrimage groups.


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