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Kurt Stern - February 11, 2008

Thoughts on the Holocaust in the Media

There's been a lot of--the last twenty, twenty five years--a lot of popular media productions about the Holocaust. Everything from Academy Award winning movies to plays to novels to best--sellers to--do you think that's all a good thing? I mean I--The Power of Good is an unusual film...


...because it's so, it's so excellent...


...but what about some of these others?

Well, I did go and see the film by the--what's it called? The American film--producer

Schindler's List.

...who is a daughter of a survivor--oh, what's her name?--I did go and see it...


...yeah. Not Spielberg, no, not Spielberg. Um, Into the Arms of Strangers is it called? It's good. I mean, it's Hollywood, yeah? That's the difference. I mean um, um, I don't know. I--if--yes, I would say it's better than nothing. Um, yeah, that's about them all summing up--better than nothing.

In the United States there're museums all across the country...


...about the Holocaust. Some better than others but they're all there.

I still, I still withdraw myself, you know. I'm not uh, I mean, I um, I'm not really active in Holocaust--I mean, I'm very happy to help in interviews and things like that but I wouldn't go out of my way say to see a Holocaust museum or something like that. First of all I do not want to go to any concentration camp to visit if I'm--when--if I'm in Europe. I do withdraw myself still even today. I have no intentions--I mean, my um, grandson--the son of my el...of my daughter--the eldest grandson, who by the way is leaving today for Australia for a year--he's twenty three. Um, he um, went to Auschwitz and also the daughter of my uh, the daughter of my daughter--they also went with the school, you know, there's a school program here. And they brought be back some stones from the different camps but I have no wish to go to any of the camps. Um, my family--my son's eldest son, he didn't want to go on the trip. Um, I would say the apple sometimes doesn't fall far from the tree.

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