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Kurt Stern - February 11, 2008

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You didn't ask questions about what happened to your mother...


How did you find out about the Holocaust?

Well uh, when I got to Israel--well, I knew my mother didn't survive but I didn't know the particulars 'til I came to Israel where my uh, cousins brother of Ruth found out all of the information. I mean, he served in the Eighth Army in the Jewish Brigade and uh, when he--he went to look for all whatever happened and he, he knew but we never talked about it, never talked about it.

You have children.

Yes, a daughter ??? so she's married, has three children. Her name is Weinstein today, not Stern. And my son, ??? Stern is married and has two sons.

Did you tell your children about...

Not 'til...

...your experience?

...not 'til after '89. Uh, for the next year reunion in '99 I took my son and daughter with me. Um, and I've made a little leaflet and told what I have remembered and a few documents I have just for the family. I didn't publish it or anything. As I said I was interviewed for um, with The Power of Good I'm active with Beit Theresien...

That's why you look familiar because you're in The Power of Good.

Yes, yes, yes.

So, The Power of Good, was that a turning point do you think?

It was before--'89 was the turning point.

What happened to touch that off?

I don't know why. Um, I really don't know why. Um, the um, I think the, the, the little leaflet or the booklet I put down that was only after the second reunion in '99 that I became active.

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