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Kurt Stern - February 11, 2008


The following is an interview with Kurt Stern on February 11, 2008 in Tel Aviv, Israel. The interviewer is Sidney Bolkosky.



Okay, again did you, you tell me where you were born-your name and where you were born.

I was born in Sudetenland Czechoslovakia in a village by the name of Chodov which is very close to Carlsbad and my name is Kurt Stern or Kurt Stern.

The village name was Chodorf?


The village name was...

Chodov, Chodov.

Chodov. Can you-do you have any memories of life Chodov when you were a child?

Well, some. I remember we had a good-well the family-my grandfather had a wholesale retail-wholesale and retail grocery business and he was quite well known in the vicinity and we had a good life. And my personal problem is that my father died from blood poisoning in 1935 and um, my mother then came back to the family house. We had uh, I think a three or four story house. And before I was the age of six I don't remember anything. I know the family-my father was a sales person and they were living in Munich 'til Hitler came to power and after my father died my mother came back to her mother-not mother, the-only the father-my grandfather was alive. All of my grandchi...grandparents were died before I was born except my grandfathers. Memories of childhood...

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