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Tamara Sessler - February 4, 2008


Tamara Sessler was born on August 11, 1928 in Vienna, Austria. On her tenth birthday she and her family escaped German-occupied Vienna for Prague. While in Prague, Tamara's mother arranged for Tamara and one of her sisters to be taken to England on Nicolas Winton's Kindertransport. The two were put in two foster families in Birmingham. When Tamara's family moved to Nottingham, Tamara moved into an orphanage. After she completed school, she became a hairdresser and prepared to make aliyah. She moved to Israel with her husband in 1949 where she remains today.

  1. Introduction
  2. Escaping Vienna
  3. Living in Prague
  4. Experiencing Anti-Semitism
  5. Escaping to England on Kindertransport
  6. Fate of Family
  7. Life in England
  8. Moving to an Orphanage
  9. Mother's Life in England
  10. Being on the Kindertransport
  11. Feelings About Leaving Family
  12. Bombing in England
  13. Being Friends with non-Jews
  14. Good Experiences with the British
  15. Meeting Other Jews in England
  16. Haschsharah
  17. Learning about the Holocaust
  18. Politics Before the War
  19. Thoughts on Winton
  20. Sharing Story
  21. Thoughts on Bill Barazetti
  22. Thoughts on Bill Barazetti II
  23. Making Aliyah
  24. Life in Israel
  25. Family Life Today
  26. Thoughts on the Holocaust Today
  27. Jews Rescuing Jews
  28. Returning to Vienna
  29. Memories
  30. Thoughts on Israel
  31. Conclusion

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