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Tamara Sessler - February 4, 2008

Thoughts on Bill Barazetti

Did the name--did you ever hear the name Bill Barazetti?

Yes, of course. On the contrary I was, I was a bit upset about this Bill Barazetti one time. Have you talked to somebody called Marom?

Not yet. Next week.

Is he on your list?


Well, um, we were invited--quite a few of us from the Czech transport to their place in ??? to meet Barazetti and I met him and I was very impressed--very nice, very nice chappy. And the Marom's were very nice, very hospitable. We all thought we were coming for a cup of tea and they, they ordered Chinese for everybody. And I don't remember how long afterwards I get a phone call from Marom--I forget his first name...


Hugo Marom, that's right. And he said that Barazetti's in a very bad way and financially he's completely bankrupt and needs help and he was a helper with Winton. Winton also acknowledged that in front of us last time and would I like to contribute a certain sum in England to help him. So I said sure and I told my sister to put a hundred pounds in my name in the account that Hugo gave us. Fair enough. Then Hugo phoned again once more that he would like to make it a permanent thing because Barazetti's very badly off and we should contribute monthly to something like a ??? it was a small sum monthly. But then I heard from somebody and apparently I was misinformed that he has property in England--Barazetti.


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