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Tamara Sessler - February 4, 2008

Family Life Today

How many children do you have?

Two boys. One lives next door, the other two minutes away.

And what're, what're their names?

Danny is the assessor and Rami is the bus driver--also a member of the cooperative.

Any grandchildren?

Yes. This is one is about three, nearly thirteen, ten and five and a half and the other one unfortunately lost his wife--his first wife at thirty four and left him with two children of six and nine but he remarried and um, this will always stay with us but um, that's how life goes. That was a very, very big blow to us. We were in London at the time when my daughter-in-law went into hospital and she was, she was gone very quickly.

I'm sorry.

Yup, that was a horrible thing.

So, you have five grandchildren.

Five grandchildren, bless them. And my eldest grandson, who is twenty four, I'm very proud of today because he's learning to be a pilot and today--not in the army, privately--and today he had the last and biggest exam--theor...theory, theory--theoretical exam and he passed on ninety. So, I was very proud of him because he said, "???" that's granny. He said, "??? I don't know how I did it because it was so difficult, so hard that I didn't think I'd make it, never mind the ninety." I'm very proud of him. And his sister who finished the army and is now in New Zealand. She was in Australia working but now she's in New Zealand making a round trip with a friend of hers--another Israeli girl--and I'm very proud of her as well.

What does she do?

She doesn't do anything. She finished the army...

High school?

...the high school with honors and then she went into the army and became a commander and now she hasn't made up her mind yet. She knows she doesn't want to be not, not a medical person and not a lawyer because you know there's so many lawyers in Israel that soon every person will have their own private lawyer. It's a terrible thing. That she doesn't want but she will go into university maybe not this year, maybe she'll take another year off. But she's very ambitious. She's a very good student and very ambitious. ??? school is one of the hardest schools in Israel--in Haifa and she passed it all with honors so she's good. Could've all have been different losing her mother at that age.

Did you talk about your story to your children, to other people?

Yes, yes.

You told them.

Yes, yes, yes.

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