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Tamara Sessler - February 4, 2008

Thoughts on Bill Barazetti II

And so I thought to myself, well that's a funny thing. I haven't got property not here, not--here yes, my flat but certainly not in England. And you know, it uh, it uh, puts you out a little bit. But afterwards this uh, and I said to him at the meeting that we had after the film, after the film we had a discussion and I said that and uh, Stern what's his first--Kurt Stern stood up and said, "You were wrong. He hasn't got property and his children are not able to help him anyway." I said, "If I'm wrong I'm sorry. This is what I was told," but Kurt Stern knows more about it than I did so he must've been right but somebody definitely told me, "You're silly. How can you--what do you want to contribute money to him for? He's got property." So, you know, I, I, I believed that person was right who told me but apparently he didn't have. But may he rest in peace, he's not with us anymore.

His life was in constant danger...

Yes, yes...

...because of the transports.

I also had contact with his daughter for quite a time. Nice girl. He came here once with his daughter and her son. I think he was a little bit disappointed because I don't remember exactly what it was but his fare wasn't paid for or his hotel stay wasn't paid for. I think he was a little bit put out about the lot of us. I think so from what I hear but I'm not--I wouldn't like to be quoted on that. But Hugo was very nice all around. He's uh, very efficient and good person, that Hugo. Is this the reason you came to Israel this time for these interviews or--uh-huh. Not for holiday at all.


Uh-huh, it's a working holiday.

Yes. We were snowed in, in Jerusalem.

I can imagine, I can imagine. That you didn't expect.

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