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Tamara Sessler - February 4, 2008

Thoughts on Winton

And what happened?

What happened? He told us a lot about the doings of his present job. He's doing very great things for the Austrians. But going back to Winton you know he was here the last time I think three years ago. He came with his daughter. Do you know that up to--I think it was just before '98 his wife didn't even know what he'd done in, in the war in Prague.

She found the scrapbook.

She found photos--the scrapbook and then he told her. He's a quite remarkable person. I think now he's ninety seven or ninety eight.

Ninety seven.

Ninety seven. Remarkable person. When he spoke about three years ago he had us all spellbound because he's so lucid--he's so clear in, in his language and his thoughts--remarkable person. And I'm very pleased he lived to see all the others he got for what he did, you know, he was honored in Czechoslovakia, he was honored in Britain.

He was knighted.

He was knighted, that's right. He's sir now. I forgot about that ???.

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