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Tamara Sessler - February 4, 2008

Thoughts on Israel

Is there anything that you'd like to add to the...

There's a lot to add and it's very difficult to add. I'm grateful for Israel, very grateful for Israel apart from being grateful for--to, to Winton and to the British. I'm grateful for Israel that I can be at home here, that I've got roots here. That my children when they go abroad--when I went abroad the first time with my son Danny to England he was wearing a big Magen David here--not a big one but a Magen David and I said, "Danny put it inside." And he said, "??? Why?" That was the ??? in me. You know what the ??? is? A Jew who was persecuted, yes? But he was a proud Israeli. Why should he put his Magen David in? This was the difference between me and my children, you see? And so I'm grateful for Israel because they're, they're--I don't say we were in bondage or anything like that but we were certainly looked down upon and here the ??? doesn't consider himself any less of a mensch than anybody else. So, I'm grateful for Israel for--even this one that lives next door to me is very disgusted with the things that go on in this country lately. And I tell him this is what we've got. This is the only place where a Jew can be a Jew and be happy and grateful for it and be free. Look what's going on all over the world with the Semi...Semi...anti-Semitism raising its head everywhere. It's nothing new. And how many deniers of Holocaust are about these days? So we shouldn't want it to be--should want it to be put down in black and white for the future generations. We have to. That's why your work is so important.

Thank you.

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