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Eva Wimmer - January 1, 1985


Eva Wimmer was born in Lututów, Poland but was raised in Zdunska Wola. After 1939, she and her sisters were sent to the Łódź ghetto and then to Auschwitz. They were sent to work at the Krupp's factory near Berlin and from there, they were all sent to Ravensbrück, where they were liberated by the Swedish Red Cross. They were sent first to Denmark and then to Sweden where she met her husband, a fellow survivor. Eva, her husband, and children came to the United States in 1954, where she gave birth to one more daughter.

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  1. Introduction
  2. Life in the Ghetto
  3. Fate of Brothers
  4. Liquidating the Ghetto
  5. Transport to Łódź
  6. Arrival and Life in Łódź
  7. Liquidation of Łódź and Transfer to Auschwitz
  8. Arrival at Auschwitz
  9. Transfer to and Life in Forced Labor Camp
  10. Working in Krupp's Factory
  11. Bombing of Area Around Krupp's
  12. Transfer to Ravensbrück
  13. Life in Ravensbrück
  14. Liberation
  15. Arrival in Denmark and Transfer to Sweden
  16. Sweden
  17. Physical Effects
  18. Coming to the United States
  19. Mental Effects
  20. Sharing Stories
  21. Relationship with Neighbors
  22. Conclusion

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