Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Eva Wimmer - January 1, 1985

Liquidation of Łódź and Transfer to Auschwitz

Then, it was liquidation of the Łódź ghetto, which it was in 1944. 1944 'til '45, it was in the beginning of September. The end of August and the beginning of September. Again, it was panicky and they said we--all Jews are being uh, uh, transferred now to Auschwitz. And this is very difficult to describe. We knew about Auschwitz. We knew that our parents and the remaining of the families was sent to Auschwitz to gas chambers to die. We were very scared. We knew that's, that's the end of us. And for the majority of us was the end. Luckily, the few who survived was just a miracle. So, we had no choice. The order was uh, brought out and we had to uh, again they said no packages, only clothes to wear. We didn't have much to wear but whatever we had, whatever we could put on we did. This was, again, early morning. We went, we went to, to one place and they explained everything--what will happen, we, we were transferred to Auschwitz on trains, again. This time it wasn't as tragic as it was from the--our ghetto, Zdunska Wola ghetto, to Łódź, but it was bad enough.

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