Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Eva Wimmer - January 1, 1985

Life in the Ghetto

How many Jews were--lived there?

I think--I don't remember correct because I was so young, but the population was like uh, 40,000. And Jews may be 10,000 at the most in this little town. And we lived in the ghetto. Everything was rationalized, is it?


Yes, rationed. It's uh, like we had to stay in lines to get a little bit of food and everything was very little and it was horrible. Then they took uh, before even they took away the, the, the young men for--to send them to camps uh, what they did is like my--two of my brothers, I had four brothers, one is alive. Three I lost in the war. Two of my brothers they took to a camp in Poland. My father, luckily, was with us for a short time until they liquidated the ghetto. They, they were tortured. We had very little mail, but whenever we had some mail was not good from my brothers from the camp. We sisters were still at home with the parents.

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