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Eva Wimmer - January 1, 1985


Other than this, I can't say we, we are not friends, I wouldn't say friends, but we are good neighbors with the rest of them. Very good. And this, especially, she is a friend. She's not a neighbor. She is a very dear friend.

The one who just called?

Yeah. Unfortunately, she had a tragedy last year. Her son, twenty-two, committed suicide. I don't know if you didn't heard, ???.

I wasn't here.


I wasn't in town the whole year.

I see. Very tragically he, he had problems. The boy was in California in, in college in LA and, evidently, it didn't work out. Uh, it didn't went his way so maybe he went in with a bad, bad, bad crowd of people and they got into high drugs so, evidently, the parents had some clues. Maybe somebody notified them. Let them know how he is behaving over there. So uh, they brought him home. He came home and they tried everything. They are the nicest parents one would wish to have. They did everything possible. They took him from one psychiatrist to another. They, they tried to help him and, finally, they, they--one of the psychiatrists said he should be hospitalized so he was at Sinai Hospital. They--he was signed in Monday. On Thursday, he uh, opened up a window. How he did it we don't know, but through the fourth floor he, he killed himself instant, instantly. Twenty-two years old. What a, what a brilliant boy, really. Not only was he good looking, but he was so bright. He was so intelligent. He had so much going for him and why he did this it's, it's unbearable. So, for just the unveiling a few weeks ago. It was tragic, tragic. So, she went through a terrible tragedy. But, we try to be with her and whenever she likes to talk I try to listen and I always tell her don't feel bad. Just, just talk and I, I, I try to be a good listener because I know when I feel like talking sometimes how I appreciate when one will listen and not turn me down. So, it helps and she tells me that she says whenever I'm blue I know where to go. So, it's uh, it's just too bad that she had to go through such a tragedy, but she has two other children. One son, the older one who is married, and a younger daughter who is twenty which helps a lot. She is still home.


So, because what they went through I wouldn't wish on any parents, any parents. I'm going in just--to keep you for another few minutes show you this picture.

Oh, yeah, I would like to see it! No, no I would like to see it.

I will get it.


I will go get it.

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